EAWE Drivetrain Technical Committee (DTC)

Background and vision

With the aim to enhance the educational and research collaborations on wind turbine drivetrains, a proposal to create a “Drivetrain Technical Committee (DTC)” under the auspices of EAWE was submitted to the board of the EAWE by Prof. Amir Nejad from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Prof. Jan Helsen, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with support from several universities and research institutes across the Europe. The proposal was approved by EAWE board during the meeting held in June 2018, for a duration of 3 years (with a possibility for extension of the term).

DTC vision is to create a forum to promote and support the development of wind energy science with the focus on drivetrain – the system which converts mechanical energy to electrical power. Drivetrain in this context includes the whole power conversion system and components - not limited to mechanical or electrical components, but also material and new concepts. DTC is a place bringing experts together to share knowledge and explore

  • State-of-the-art technologies and development trend
  • Long-term research road map
  • Relevant conferences and seminars
  • Student exchange, joint supervision, and joint publications
  • Experimental facilities, and labs

The DTC activities are in general in two main lines: research development, often through joint projects funded by local or EU programs, and education - training next generation of engineers and specialist for the wind industry. The committee also publishes position articles addressing state-of-the-art and development trend over the years. The DTC general assembly are held twice a year, often in connection with other planned seminars or conferences of EAWE (for example Torque or WESC conferences).

Student exchange, co-supervision and joint degrees

Master or PhD students working on relevant topics can apply for student exchange between the members. Potential candidates can fill this form indicating their interest, tentative topic, potential host universities, and potential funding source – for example Erasmus program. Deadlines for submitting the form are 1st May for autumn semesters, and 1st November for spring semesters, every year. After the deadline and depending on the number of applicants DTC will coordinate with members to facilitate the exchange.

DTC also supports and encourages joint supervisions and joint degrees among the members.

DTC session in international conferences

DTC arrange every year special sessions at EAWE conferences, Torque and WESC. Please follow the information at EAWE web.


The member list can be found on EAWE webpage, which is updated annually. Research institutes and universities in Europe are welcome to join the EAWE Drivetrain Technical Committee. Please contact DTC chair for further details. Active research institutes and universities outside Europe can join as associate members - upon approval of DTC general assembly and EAWE board.


Queries can be directed to EAWE or DTC chair Prof. Amir Nejad, and co-chair Prof. Jan Helsen.