Fostering wind energy

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2010, 28 - 30 June
Heraklion, Greece
2011, 25 - 26 October
Delft, Netherlands
2011, 27 - 28 October
Delft, Netherlands
2012, 12 - 13 September
Zurich, Switzerland
2012, 09 - 11 October
Oldenburg, Germany
2013, 18 - 20 September
Visby, Sweden
2014, 28 - 31 October
Orléans, France
2015, 10 - 12 March
Copenhagen, Denmark
2015, 20 - 21 March
Oldenburg, Germany
2015, 02 - 03 June
Helsinki, Finland
2015, 09 - 10 June
Visby, Sweden
2015, 15 - 16 June
Delft, Netherlands
2015, 15 - 19 June
eawe PhD Summer School
Lyngby, Denmark
2015, 23 - 25 September
Stuttgart, Germany
2015, 01 - 02 October
Leuven, Belgium
2015, 17 - 20 November
Hamburg, Germany
2016, 21 - 22 April
Ankara, Turkey
2016, 25 - 27 May
Lyngby, Denmark
2016, 27 - 30 September
Hamburg, Germany
2016, 27 - 29 September
Hamburg, Germany
2016, 05 - 07 October
Munich, Germany
2017, 07 - 08 March
Aachen, Germany
2017, 30 - 01 June
Visby, Sweden
2017, 06 - 08 June
London, United Kingdom
2017, 26 - 29 June
Lyngby, Denmark
2017, 13 - 14 September
Roksilde, Denmark
2017, 20 - 22 September
Cranfield, United Kingdom
2017, 24 - 26 October
Boulder, Colorado, USA
2017, 28 - 30 November
Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018, 11 - 15 June
PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing for Wind Energy
Roskilde, Denmark
2018, 20 - 22 June
Milan, Italy
2018, 18 - 20 September
Brussels, Belgium
2018, 25 - 28 September
Hamburg, Germany
2019, 12 - 13 March
Aachen, Germany
2019, 02 - 04 April
Bilbao, Spain
2019, 22 - 24 May
Wake Conference
Visby, Sweden
2019, 17 - 20 June
Cork, Ireland
2019, 14 - 17 October
Amherst, USA
2019, 15 - 16 October
Glasgow, United Kingdom
2019, 28 - 31 October
Nantes, France
2019, 26 - 28 November
Copenhagen, Denmark
2020, 27 - 29 May
Delft, The Netherlands
2020, 01 - 04 December
Hamburg, Germany
2020, 14 - 16 December
Online Event
2021, 09 - 10 March
Aachen, Germany
2021, 25 - 28 May
Hannover, Germany
2021, 15 - 17 June
Visby, Sweden or Online
2021, 03 - 05 November
Porto, Portugal
2021, 23 - 25 November
Copenhagen, Denmark
2022, April
Milano, Italy
2022, 01 - 03 June
Delft, The Netherlands
2022, September
Delaware, USA
2023, 21 - 24 May
WESC 2023
Glasgow, UK
2024, 29 - 31 May
Florence, Italy


EAWE is an international community that promotes and supports the development of wind energy science to exploit wind energy to its full potential for the benefit of the world. EAWE’s mission is to

Connect expertise in wind energy science and education

Provide a forum for wind energy knowledge exchange

Promote education, awareness, career development and interest in wind energy

Be a credible, legitimate and independent scientific voice of European wind energy research

EAWE is a non-profit organization registered in Oldenburg, Germany, and is governed by Europe’s leading universities and research institutes on wind energy. Main decisions in the organization are taken in the General Assembly in which all members have voting rights. Day to day operation is taken care of by the Board (president and vice-president) and the treasurer.

The work of EAWE is supported through several dedicated committees, including, e.g., the Strategy committee, Young Wind Doctor Award Committee, Outreach Committee, Wind Energy Science Chief Editors, and several technical committees.

We invite all universities or research institutes that are active in wind energy research or education, and wish to support EAWE in its mission, to become a member.


EAWE supports wind energy research through its various activities. EAWE does not perform any research itself, but all EAWE members are leading research institutes in the field of wind energy. EAWE interacts and collaborates with various European and international organizations in the field of wind energy, such as WindEurope, ETIPWind, NAWEA, among others.

EAWE is a strong advocate of fundamental research in wind energy as the basis for sustained long-term reductions of the levelised cost of wind energy. To this end, EAWE has published its long term strategic research agenda 2016–2025. In 2015, EAWE funded the interactive open access journal ‘Wind Energy Science’, which has become a leading journal in the field of wind energy. Also EAWE’s conference proceedings, publications, and white papers are available open source.

Finally, as important part of its mission, EAWE supports scientific workshops and conferences in the field of wind energy. EAWE also supports the scientific tracks of the WindEurope meetings. In addition to that, EAWE organizes three main flagship events: the biennial ‘Science of Making Torque from Wind’ and ‘Wind Energy Science’ conferences, and the yearly EAWE PhD Seminar

Torque Conference

The biennial scientific conference The Science of Making Torque from Wind had successfully establised itself since 2004 as Europe‘s leading scientific wind energy conference, taking place every even year. Experts from academia and industry are discussing latest results and developments in fundamental and applied wind energy research.

Wind Energy Science Conference

The Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC) is a biennial conference taking place every odd year, starting 2017. The purpose of the conference is to gather leading scientists and researchers in the field of wind energy to present their latest findings in oral presentations and several parallel sessions, covering all scientific topics in wind energy.

PhD Seminars

The annual PhD seminar provides opportunity for PhD students and supervisors from all over Europe to exchange information and experience on research in wind energy. Mainly organized by PhD students at the institution in charge it includes slots for PhD students present their activities in talks and poster exhibition.


The majority of EAWE’s member institutions are active in education of Bachelor, Master and PhD students. EAWE focusses on coordinating programmes, the sharing of educational material, etc. EAWE also organizes a yearly PhD Seminar that aims at bringing together starting as well as senior PhD students in the field of Wind energy.

Wind Energy Education Programmes

Various EAWE members organize dedicated wind-energy Bachelor, Master or postgraduate study programmes. Some joined programmes also exist.

More Information on Wind Energy educational programmes

Phd Actitvities

An important part of EAWEs mission is to educate and connect PhD students. To this end, EAWE supports the organization of a yearly PhD Seminar, with as main organizer the PhD student Committee.

More Information on PhD activities

PhD Summer School

Members often organize summer schools that are open to other participants as well. Organizers can post their summer school on the EAWE website using following form. The list of upcoming Summer Schools can be consulted on our

Summer School page


EAWE yearly presents two awards, alternately at the Torque conference and the Wind Energy Science Conference. The Excellent Young Wind Doctor Award recognizes PhD dissertations in the field of wind energy of extraordinary quality and innovation. The EAWE Scientific Award is a career achievement award for leading scientists in the field of wind energy. A list of all past winners can be found on the awards site.

In 2021, the Excellent Young Wind Doctor Award was presented to Bart Doekemeijer (TU Delft)

In 2021, the EAWE Scientific Award was presented to Prof. Dr. Frede Blaabjerg (Aalborg University)


All announcements on conferences, news, job postings and summer school events can be found on the subpages. Jobs postings and Summer school Events can be post by using following form.
01/04 - 30/04/22
Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2022
01/06 - 03/06/22
01/09 - 24/09/22
NAWEA/WindTech 2021 Conference
Professor Peter Tavner receives the EAWE Scientific Award 2020
Two new committees, the Publications Committee (PC) and the Science Communication Committee (SCC), have been approved by EAWE’s general assembly
EAWE welcomes its first new members from the USA
University Professorship (m/f/d) in Structural Analysis and Dynamics
PhD Researcher in Wind Farm Aerodynamics
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Summer School
14/06 - 18/06/21
Remote Sensing for Wind Energy
Summer School
06/07 - 10/07/20
Advanced Research in Turbomachinery" ART2020
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